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Unregister download 4Shared

Teya Salat
Download With UnregistedHello guys now i want to share with u guys about download 4SHARED with unregisted~It's that true?? o.O?
New 4shared.com now must register to download file2 what we want..Ok firstly u guys must go to 4SHARED.COMSearch file what you want after that you guys will see "click to download"
Just click to download you guys will see "Register or Login"
After that you press key "#"and"1"
with same time (if you guys use operamini)
And copy that URLIf you're not use operamini just copy URL and you will see this URL www.4shared.com/zip/KmhpzlST/Program_Java_jar.htm#Add new tab or new link just click 4SERVER.INFO
After that go to search bar and paste that 4shared URL

Now you guys delate this # simbol change this / simbol..you + this URL at last http://www.4server.info/download/For EXAMPLE:
Will be like this
Last thing just click at "Generate Link" Button to direct download~ok that all~Thank For support me LOVE you guys~Dont miss it here copy /http://www.4server.info/download/" this text put at down search bar..

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 Generate JAR-ZIP
    1. If you want generate game/application from JAR format become into ZIP format..

    2. ●Just take url JAR

      copy and paste into that text area..
      and click button "Uncompress"..

    3. ●After generate you can see that file meaning from your link
      Click at "Download as zip" to download to your hp..
      after that rename that file as .jar to install

  • HERE to go generate online application

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