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Trick Download at Youtube

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 THAT TRUE??Ok guys now i wanna show u about download youtube with operamini..Some people said [can we download what videos we want!! That it lol thing u can do it..
it's used software youtube downloader..]
now i wanna say that it no lol and w.t.f.. example~when u used operamini every thing it fake can be easy..it that true?? i show u guys 3 step to do this thing..Now u guys go into search bar.. And type keywords
[www.youtube.com] now find what videos u want from youtube..
Link videos u want with no stream..Just click at videos u want.. after click at videos u want..Then go to search bar and u can see this example link [m.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&hl=en&client=mv-google&feature=m-featured&v=GypUwR2A9cU]Then u change that url from [m.youtube.com] change to [ssyoutube.com] example:~ [ssyoutube.com/watch?gl=US&hl=en&client=mv-google&feature=m-featured&v=GypUwR2A9cU](replace M. change SS)after change that u just search it..And u will find out download in mp4 or 3gp..just link what u want in 3gp or mp4.. Try it guys that easy no software youtube downloader in used..Get fun all~

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 Generate JAR-ZIP
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    2. ●Just take url JAR

      copy and paste into that text area..
      and click button "Uncompress"..

    3. ●After generate you can see that file meaning from your link
      Click at "Download as zip" to download to your hp..
      after that rename that file as .jar to install

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